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Reduce Costs with Centralized Invoice Management

Telecom bills are the most complex and error-prone bills an enterprise receives. The sheer number and inefficient nature of invoices from multiple vendors – each with their own billing formats – creates high invoice processing costs and time consuming cycles. Automated invoice management provides the fastest cost savings for any Telecom Expense Management initiative.

This white paper presents key insights into the value of telecom invoice management, and includes:

  • Delivery considerations
  • An in-depth Buyer’s Checklist
  • The must-have business case to cost justify a program

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Validate Invoices

Automate the steps to validate thousands of line items for each bill that an enterprise receives each month. Validate and reconcile with valid vendor contracts to ensure rates and discounts are properly applied.

Consolidate Billing

Centralized location for all invoices to provide a clearer picture of spending, reduce the cost of processing invoices and prevent late payments.

Allocate Costs

Identify where voice and data dollars are spent and improve budgeting. Increase managers’ awareness of their departments’ spending and even show individuals how they are impacting the budget.

Five Ways to Decrease Telecom Expenses and Increase Visibility with Invoice Management

Leading organizations take a structured approach to managing telecom invoices to gain control of these expenses. Enterprises can leverage invoice management as a foundation to launch a more comprehensive telecom cost management program to proactively manage expenses.

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