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Cut Telecom Expenses with Call Accounting

In today’s economy, Telecom teams need to do more with less and drive down telecom expenses. This is even harder to accomplish without a clear picture of telecom service usage.

In this white paper, you’ll get a great education on call accounting, building a business case for usage management, and 12 important ways to cut telecom expenses using call accounting. Plus, you will learn how to reduce your annual telecom spend by 6 – 12%.

It’s time well spent.  Be sure to check it out.

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Improve Accountability

Utilize Call Accounting to temper consumption through usage-based expense allocation charge-backs to divisions, departments, and individual employees.

Optimize Network Costs

Monitor peak usage, queue times, abandoned calls, and
over or under-utilized trunks.

Boost Employee Productivity

Reporting on calling activity, duration, and times to determine the responsiveness of customer service and effectiveness of sales teams’ revenue generating call activity.

12 Call Accounting Tips

Call accounting solutions helps to complete the package of communications expense management technology which  includes invoice management, asset management, mobility management and telecom audit capabilities.

The right solution will provide the information and capabilities that empower managers to find hidden treasure and proactively manage costs.

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